Save £1k a year by sharing a lift to work in Southend

Save £1k a year by sharing a lift to work in Southend

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Essex News

Traders in Southend can reduce their costs by £1,000 a year by signing up to a brand-new car share scheme. Southend Business Improvement District (BID), which represents dozens of town centre firms, is introducing the initiative, called Liftshare. However, traders are not optimistic that the idea will help solve the parking problems in the town.

BID has said that Liftshare will help employees save money on fuel and parking costs with the average car share user saving £1,000 per year. It adds that lift sharing makes the commute more sociable and will help ease congestion and pollution. BID says the scheme will also reduce demand from commuters for parking, freeing up spaces for visitors.

Paul Thompson, of the Seafront Traders Association, said he was not convinced that the scheme would make that much difference. He added: “If you can get three or four staff driving in one car rather than three or four cars, it would save parking spaces for visitors and shoppers because there is a massive shortage of parking spaces at the sea front and town centre. Unfortunately I’m not sure whether it will work or not.“

>Save £1k a year by sharing a lift to work in Southend.


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