Natural Stone Flooring for Your Home

Natural stone flooring for your home

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Essex Lifestyle, Home & Family, Lifestyle Top Stories

Whenever it comes to home décor, natural stones come up as the most beloved options. Especially, when it’s about creating or re-creating the floor, then natural stones are given the first seat.

There are various stone suppliers in the market and that offer natural stones. A few highly known stones are slate, granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and many more. There are numerous reasons that make these stones the foremost choice for flooring. Some of them are listed below:

The Elegance

These stones are known for giving a magnificent look and feel to the floor. Natural stones give an aesthetic look to the floors and it becomes difficult to take your eye off from the beauty of the floor. The fine texture, the unique designs, the perfect finish and a lot more make it a complete beauty package for your home flooring.

Variety to choose from

Depending on your personal preference, you can either use one stone to give a similar look to the entire place. Or else, you can select different stones for giving a uniqueness to each room. There are various types of natural stone and further these types can be customized on the grounds of color and size. Thus, you get a potpourri of various stones to embellish your floor.

Robust enough

Natural stones contain high amount minerals and thus, are very robust. You can use them for both inside and outdoor flooring like the pathway or garden. Owing to their robustness, they can withstand high foot traffic. No matter how many people stand, walk, run or sit, the stone will not witness any sort of wear and tear.

Resistance to stains

These stones are really easy to clean. Especially, if you are living with kids, then natural stones are like tailor made for you. Irrespective of what your kids or their friends spill over the floor, just a wet cloth wipe is enough to retain back the original shine of the floor. Thus, natural stones can be termed as both parents and children friendly.

Slip resistant

In the bathrooms there is always a risk to slip. To overcome this risk, use slate in the bathroom floor. Slate is a slip resistant stone; thus it is one of the most preferred stones for bathroom flooring.

Can withstand harsh weather conditions

From summers to winters, or from spring to the rains, natural stones can withstand any harsh climate with much ease. These stones possess a hard to fade shine and color. Yet again, it is their robustness that helps them to resist wear and tear caused by the weather conditions. Now, these were a few advantages that natural stones offer you. I hope by far it is clear that why natural stones are so popular in the domain of home décor. When the natural stones are offering so much, then this is very obvious that most of the people love to install them in the flooring. In fact the demand of the natural stones has also led to an increase of natural stone suppliers in the market. However, installation of natural stones is an expensive thing, but if compared with the features that they offer, it is a profitable deal.

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