Great Spenders, Basildon fire victims lost everything say neighbours

Great Spenders, Basildon fire victims “lost everything” say neighbours

by | Mar 3, 2018 | Essex News

Neighbours of a family made homeless by a fire in Basildon say they have “lost everything”. On Thursday night at around 7pm, a fire broke out at a home in Great Spenders.

Within 40 minutes of the family dialling 999, two fire crews from Basildon and one from Rayleigh Weir had extinguished the blaze, believed to have been caused by a leaking gas pipe. The neighbours either side of the home were forced to be evacuated when the fire broke out.

A woman who lived next door to the scene, said: “We were evacuated just after 7pm, we were out the house for around three houses. The house next door is inhabitable, it is awful, they do not deserve it. I know all the gas and electric has been turned off and they had to make it safe before we could come back in. We only have smoke and the smell of burning in our home, which is nothing compared to them, they have lost everything. I’m just glad they got out as any later then I do not know what would have happened. The flames were all coming through the front door because that’s where the gas and electric in the home, like mine. You could see it all coming through.”

Fire victims in Great Spenders.

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