Your views on car parking charges

Essex Country Parks – your views on car parking charges

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Essex News

Essex Country Parks provide valuable outdoors spaces for everyone to enjoy. Around 850 000 people  a year are visiting Essex parks.

Essex County Council invested more than £1 million pounds in the country parks over the last couple of years with improvements to footpaths and accessibility, signage, facilities and on play equipment and there’s more planned.

Car Parking charges are one of the ways that the park can bring in money to pay for maintenance, upkeep and development of the parks. That’s why a review has taken place of the current car parking changes and an increase is proposed

Between now and 18 March Essex County Council asking visitors for their views on the proposed change to charges. Please make sure you don’t miss out on having your say and email at Take a look at to find out more about the car parking consultation, proposed charges and the car parking season tickets which offer value for money with unlimited parking at all of the Essex Country Parks.

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