Are you prepared for more cold weather?

Are you prepared for more cold weather?

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Essex Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, Home & Family

Very cold weather can be isolating and dangerous for the elderly and those most vulnerable. Could you spare ten minutes this weekend to check in on an elderly friend, relative or neighbour and check that they are ok?

Make sure that they are warm enough, their heating is working and that they have enough blankets and warm clothes. Also check that they have enough food and medication in their cupboards in case they cant get out.

Top five tips to keep warm and well:

1. Heat your home well
By setting your heating to the right temperature (between 18-21C) you can still keep your home warm and lower your bills. If you feel cold at night, use a hot water bottle or electric blanket but never use both together. It is especially important if youre at home all day.

2. Wear sensible clothing when outdoors
Wrap a scarf loosely around your mouth when outdoors add a hat and wear shoes with a good grip, too. If you have a heart or respiratory problem like asthma or COPD, stay indoors during very cold weather.

3. Eat well and have plenty of fluids
Food and water are vital sources of energy, and they help keep your body warm. Try to make sure you and your family have hot meals and drinks regularly throughout the day.

4. Keep your medicine cabinet well stocked
If youre on medication, make sure you get your repeat prescript_ions in time so you dont run out. Check to make sure you have enough over the counter remedies for coughs and colds so you dont need to leave home unless you have to.

5. Look after yourself and others
On cold days try to avoid going outside. However, if you do need to go out, remember to wrap up warm and take care on slippery surfaces. If you have an older neighbour or relative, look out for them during the winter to make sure they are safe and well

If you’re worried about a relative or elderly neighbour you should contact your local council or call the Age UK helpline on 0800 678 1174 (8am-7pm every day). If you’re concerned that the person may be suffering from hypothermia you should contact NHS 111.

For more advice on how you can keep you and your family well and warm visit the Living Well Website


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